* Aims: To stimulate dancers, groups of dancing and choreographers on their careers.To help in the development of artistic potential giving an opportunity to orient them to their growth. To discover new talents and to make possible their professional development.Being this aim only applicable to an INSTITUTION which belongs to an International Network grouped to a Professional´s Union of Dancing as CIAD and their affiliated members.

DIVISIONS - Maximum times

Only in the BABY, MINI, JUNIOR and YOUTH Age Divisions, where Competition Units are GROUPS or FORMATIONS, “over-age” components may be allowed if they are a 20% or less comparing the whole Group/Formation and they must be maximum 2 years older than the high limit of Age Division.
For example: In a Group composed by 5 elements, MINI Division, one of the elements may be 14 years old.
Formations should follow the same principle but if there are 10 elements, two of them may be “over-age”, with 15 dancers three of them may be “over-age”, and so on.


a. The music track used in the competition must be recorded on a standard, good quality, Compact Disc. Each CD must be recorded single track, pauses or silences included; each Performance must be connected to one CD (and viceversa).
b. The musical passage should not contain any form of publicity or whatsoever type of presentation (event it is politic, religious, etc.) and/or reference similar to Schools, Participants or any third party.
c. All CD’s must be consigned to the Check-In Desk by the person responsible for the Competition Unit/Dance School/Association, where he/she must receive the Competition Number and CD Cover to be installed on.
NOTE: during the Performance, person who is supposed to be the Team Leader or Choreographer/Teacher/Trainer, should be available near production desk for any CD problem may occour

They will submit to Categories and Disciplines of dancing .

Free participation scholarships will be granted. All the participants (interpreters, choreographers and main preparers) will receive certificates.

• THE BEST DANCER OF THE EVENT: Commemorative Trophy, Free participation scholarship to choose in the events of the Circuit CIAD.

• THE BEST GROUP OF THE EVENT: Special Trophy, plus Free participation scholarship in 2018 (event in which it competed).

• REVELATION DANCER : Commemorative Trophy, Free participation scholarship to choose in the events of the Circuit CIAD.

The inscriptions must be sent unfailingly up to 7 days before the event, THERE IS A PARTICIPATION QUOTA, once completed the same one, the inscription will be closed and no more inscriptions will be accepted, therefore we recommend to reserve a place. It must be send to the e-mail: It must be send the following information:
The following information should be consisted. The same one will have character of "Sworn statement"
I. Complete and artistic Name registered (if it is professional). For Groups, name of the same one or name of the Institution that they represent. Every member´s name.
II. II. Age, date of birth and ID Number. Present photocopy the day of the event.
III., If they are minors, parents´authorization by written.
IV. Particular permanent direction and Telephone (for messages). WhatsApp.
V. Performance that it will interpret detailing: • Title • Author of the music • Duration • Choreographer • Repositor (the one that re-puts a choreography of another author).
VI. Institution or responsible teacher for its preparation.


• € 50 for each SOLO Performance
• € 30 for each dancer, DUO Performance
• € 20 for each dancer, GROUP Performance
• € 10 for each dancer, FORMATION Performance (from 13 and more)

The payment should be done before the event.The accreditations will be enabled from the day before the event.

 C I A D. Todos los derechos reservados